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Catch your limit of Chinook Salmon aka King Salmon with Salmon Chaser Charters
Fishing Chinook Salmon in Lake Michigan

Best time for fishing Chinook Salmon in Lake Michigan?

The best time for fishing Chinook Salmon in Lake Michigan is late June through late September.

Chinook Salmon Charters

In the Wisconsin waters of Lake Michigan, the chinook begins its life in the fish hatchery. The fast-growing chinook spend their life in the open lake, usually in water less than 100 feet deep, preying on alewife and smelt.

One of the best methods to catch these fish is by trolling with a plug or spoon, using a down rigger to get the lure down to where the fish are. It’s large size, tremendous fighting ability, and delicious flesh have lured fisherman from far and wide to catch the “king” of salmon. 

Up for a good fight?! Chinook Salmon is for you!

Catch your daily limit of Chinook Salmon!

Charter customers always have a great time catching these feisty fish! Remember the Salmon Chaser out of Kenosha, WI comes fully equipped with all the necessary rods, tackle, and a fully licensed Captain who loves catching his limit of Chinook/King Salmon on beautiful Lake Michigan. 

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